Two months left

I have two more months of Netherlands. The EVS experience is flying faster and faster and I have already started reflecting on my last months. I was speaking with Minta at a late hour in night when I remembered my first emails and the first contact with Atlantic Bridge and the other volunteers. I searched in my email box and I found all the emails that I wrote in the beginning. Minta read her emails too and we started laughing from our childish words. I remembered how impatient I was, scared in a way and curious and ready for the great adventure. It seems to be long time ago and I have the feeling that the person who was writting those emails was just a little boy. I am still a boy and in a way I will still be a little boy, but now I can say that I am changed. I didn’t pay to much attention to this aspect but this moment of reflection made me think that I am stronger, that my mind is more mature and maybe most important thing, that my soul is more powerful. My inner strenght gives me more confidence and hope for future.
I know, that back in Romania it will be very different and I might need some time to readapt myself. But what I’ve realized here, is that the world has the same essence, the same patterns, everywhere, only the exterior, the aspect differs. The humankind has the same issues, the same struggles and inner conflicts, the same search for meaning.
The house, the car, the job doesn’t give us, in many cases, the answer that we really need. Surprisingly, what we really need to hear is closer than we might think. The answer is rooted deep inside us, and we have to dig with confidence and patience for it. I have became a good digger in the last five months and is great when you can feel the smell of your answers.
We all have issues, sometimes more than we think, but this should give us more strenght.
That’s a little bit of what I feel now. Listen your answer and listen your dreams.


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